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At Least One Of Us Came Out A Winner Yesterday

­Yesterday had all the makings for a very peaceful day: Cold and gray outside, a 9-pound pork shoulder cooking in the oven, a few good books to be read. And for the most part, it was.

Well, until my oldest friend Doug decided he wanted his own Navy.

I was in the middle of reading two books: Was finishing up James Patterson’s Deadly Cross, and by mid-afternoon would finish that and then start James Grisham’s A Time For Mercy. Patterson’s book was good rather than great, and after a few hundred pages of Grisham’s book, it seems to be the superior story. Part of that is Patterson seems to write an Alex Cross book about every 3 weeks, so his stories start to feel like a formula. Figure out a fast-paced story line, then plug in the cast of familiar characters.

But this latest one had its moments, particularly if you live here in the DC/Northern Virginia area, as he name-drops a lot of places throughout the region. You can tell he wrote the book more than a year ago because he talks about watching a game between the Cleveland Browns and the Washington Redskins, not calling them the Washington Football team. He even mentions the Washington Nationals.

What made it cozy finishing the book yesterday was I had a pork shoulder cooking all day for last night’s dinner of barbecue and cole slaw. It went in at 5:15 AM for a 10-hour slow roast, and by about 11 AM, there was an aroma throughout the house that had my detective WonderBeagle Maggie hot on the trail to discovering its origins. Patterson has a recurring character that is Alex Cross’s grandmother, and about every 50 pages she’s cooking something similar, with detailed descriptions of how good the house smells.

It is in the midst of this peaceful reading I get a text from my old friend Doug. Apparently, the amounts you can win for both Powerball and MegaMillions were over $400 million. He thought I should know, leading to this conversation:

ME: Why are you telling me this?

DOUG: Because you need to go buy lottery tickets for both right now.

ME: Explain to me again why?

DOUG: Because I want a boat. And if you win, you can buy me one.

ME: Why don’t you buy lottery tickets and then buy your own boat?

DOUG: I have. You’re my backup plan.

Lottery tickets and I have a pretty consistent arrangement. I buy them, and the ticket produces zero numbers that match the winning ones. As I was putting on my coat to head down to Giant to buy one of each, even my wife yelled down from upstairs how it was going to be a waste of time because I never get any of the winning numbers.

But Doug wanted a boat. So off I went.

Much to my surprise, I got up this morning and of the five winning Mega Millions numbers, I got zero. When you add in the moneyball, I got….zero. There’s still a chance Doug can become the next version of Lieutenant Dan with tonight’s Powerball drawing, as I have a ticket for that one too. But something tells me by tomorrow morning, I will add up all the winning numbers and will have…zero.

Doug’s Navy will have run aground.

I returned home just in time to hear the timer go off on the barbecue, and if you’ve ever made it, you know there is that moment when you take the foil off it, see how everything is so tender it’s about to fall off the bone, and you know it’s going to be good.

I knew immediately it was going to be good.

So, apparently, did my faithful canine sous chef, who stood as close to me as possible, suggesting I allow her to “wet her beak” and be the official family taste tester.

As you can see from the picture, I did. Several times.

My luck was no good yesterday. But at least Maggie thought she won the lottery 😊



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Tuesday, 19 January 2021
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