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Thanks for joining us! We write about sports, food, life and anything else interesting here in Ashburn and Loudoun County, all while cramming as many features into the site as possible.

Our staff consists of one old man and a dog named Maggie The WonderBeagle. Want to know more? Click on the icon below:

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The Little Rock Star Just Keeps Growing...

Let’s face it. Nobody cares much what I have to say. People tolerate my words because eventually I’ll post a picture of Maggie The WonderBeagle.

That’s what the people want.

We certainly have plenty of pictures around here of the little beast, who isn’t quite so little any more. She arrived at our home in Ashburn on Nov. 16 of last year weighing under 10 pounds. At her last visit to the vet in August, she was north of 60 pounds.

Yet she still wants to sit on my lap and sleep as if she is still under 10 pounds.

Which I’m fine with.

It also brings me to the latest thing that seems to be making the rounds of Twitter. You show one pic and say “How it started” then post a second pic with the caption “How it’s going.” Many seem to show themselves and their significant other dating, then show a pick of them with 11 children, two dogs and a cat.

Mine is much simpler. On the left, the day we first met Maggie. On the right, this morning as she demanded I drop what I’m doing and play tug of war with her green ball.

She’s lived here 11 months and they say dogs grow when happy and content.

Looks like she’s pretty daggone content. I know I am 😊

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Thanks To My Daughter, It WAS A Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and the holiday proved once again (to me at least) that if you’re going to have children, at least one of them needs to be a daughter.

The story actually begins on Friday. My wife has been complaining for some time about the furniture we have in the kitchen nook area of our home. When acquired back in 1993, it was a stylish contemporary table with a 60-inch round thick glass top with a nice beveled edge to it. The four chairs were made of whitewashed rattan to match the base and were on casters.

For years, they were comfortable and functional.

But some time shortly after the furniture celebrated its 25th birthday, my wife started to suggest it was time for a change. The chairs were looking dated, and she wanted something new. Because of the neutral nature of the table and the way it seemed to fit perfectly into the particular area of the house, it could stay. But the chairs needed to be replaced with something more modern and stylish, she said.

My wife believes that I am very talented when it comes to making money and have proven this repeatedly throughout my life. She also believes I have great difficulty actually spending this money, and will be more than happy to provide proof of this should anyone ask.

So at dinner that night, in a weak moment when one of the casters on my particular chair broke, I may have softly said “maybe it’s time to replace all these chairs.”

Immediately the bat signal went out. Surprised I even said this, she took no chances on me having second thoughts. My daughter, who was going to visit for Father’s Day, was immediately called and texted. She was at the house Saturday morning at 9 AM. Those two were going to find four new chairs.

It’s interesting to note that in the previous three months, my wife had been so concerned about COVID-19, she did not leave the house. I did all the grocery shopping and took care of all chores that involved putting on a mask and leaving the house. I have been instructed by her to wash my hands so many times the skin on them looks like lobster claws. If I go outside, check the mailbox and return with nothing in my hands, I am still greeted with “go wash your hands.”

But new casual dining chairs are apparently kryptonite for COVID-19. They shopped all afternoon, yet returned disappointed and defeated. They could not find what they wanted.

At least on that day.

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Someone Is Learning How To Deal With All The Heat

Because I’m Italian, I can’t say hello in less than 10 minutes, so while engaging in conversation with a friend across the fence (see previous post) Maggie had her run of the yard. She’s not used to being outside for close to an hour at a time, and she particularly isn’t used to it being 90 degrees, as she was born last fall. This is her first real experience with hot, humid conditions outside.

As you can see from the picture, she prefers a cool place to nap. She immediately came inside, slurped up a significant amount of water, then grabbed one of her toys to head upstairs and see her Mom. A few moments later, the toy has been abandoned and she is snoring.

It’s good to be Maggie 😊

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Somebody Turned Nine Months Old Today

Today, Maggie is now 9 months old. Which is a pretty incredible situation given it seems like she’s been living here for the last 10 years.

As you can see, she starts her day on my lap, usually in search of treats. I made the mistake of reaching into my pocket to get my phone, and she knows now that it’s warm, I keep treats in my pants pocket instead of that of a jacket.

Any sudden move toward a pocket will draw an immediate inquiry.

Like any child, she also likes to play, and tug of war is her game of choice. If you’re trying to work on something, she gets right in your face with a toy in her mouth, and if you ignore her she will not think it’s because you don’t wish to play. She will think it’s her choice of toy, and she’ll go find another and come right back.

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You Are Looking Live At The Hardest Working Dog Alive

While I was cooking dinner, I noticed my trusty hound was not at my side, looking for mistakes to hit the floor.

So I went looking for her.

Apparently - as you can see -  she was worried she might pull a muscle getting ready for dinner. So she is resting until she is served her next meal, at which point she will then resume her hunt for squirrels in the backyard. 

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Recent Comments
Maggie The WonderBeagle

Hey Now!

I thought when we stopped being on Twitter, you'd stop with the pictures!
Monday, 01 June 2020 18:45
Dave Scarangella


Same rules, same pics of you and cooking, just on a different platform. So sleep with one eye open...clutching your pillow tight..... Read More
Monday, 01 June 2020 18:57

This Stingray Is About To Become An Endangered Species

Yesterday Maggie managed to be both as happy and as annoying as any dog could be.

She was excited about her new Stingray, which apparently is fun to chew on, but also has an oversized squeaker which she loved to run through the house and chew on. It will easily drive you crazy and yesterday it was taken away from her several times.

This morning, she has pulled it up to the sofa and seems concerned I'm going to take it away from her.

That's because if she bites on the squeaker one more time, I am....

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Recent comment in this post
Maggie The WonderBeagle

I'm Just Waiting For The Right...

Like when you're taking a nap. Then you'll be hearing squeaking that sounds like an army of kazoos!
Monday, 01 June 2020 09:14

You Ask The Questions, Maggie The WonderBeagle Answers...

If you’ve followed along on this site or my Twitter feed (@dullesdistrict) then you know all about my beagle/hound mix puppy, Maggie The WonderBeagle. She even has her own Twitter account (@MTWonderBeagle) and is now far more popular than I’ll ever be.

There once was a time when I was Dave, and Maggie was my dog. Now I’m just known as Maggie’s Dad.

The little rock star is no longer satisfied with just a Twitter account. She believes her 622 followers want more than 280 characters can contain and wants a regular feature on this site. I’ve told her I doubt that, but if people wanted to ask her questions, I’d be OK with a weekly deal where she answered them. I’ve given her an email address (Maggie AT and told her let’s see how many people ask anything.

So here are the first week’s questions, along with Maggie’s answers, which she sent to me telepathically and I then typed them into the site:

Q: Nala, a very sweet dog here in Loudoun County asked “What Are Your 5 Top Treats?”:

A: My go to snack is MaroSnacks by Milk-Bone. Daddy keeps a big bowl of them on the counter and always puts three in his pocket when we go outside. He only gives me two, but I can count, so I hound him going up the steps to give me that third one. Sometimes I even fake going outside just to beg him for another handful of these. Daddy doesn’t like this.

Purina makes something called a Chewnola that I really like, and I used to get a pumpkin teething ring that I could tear right through in a matter of minutes. The Ultra Chewy Double Treat Bone is good, but my favorite treat is really anything Daddy is eating. I can hypnotize him with my stare and he gives me part of everything he’s eating.

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