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This Is Why I Got A Reminder To "Check On Tyrece Radford"

Now that I’m retired, I can’t shake one habit I have followed religiously from my working days.

The habit was whenever anyone mentioned a date of any significance, I’d immediately enter it into Microsoft Outlook. Didn’t matter if it was a birthday, doctor’s appointment, sporting event, or anniversary. If it had a date and I had any interest in the subject, I typed it in as an appointment so every morning I could see all the things I’d wanted to remember, but had already forgotten.

For things I REALLY wanted to remember but was sure I’d forget, I included a reminder, which you can set up for anywhere from one hour to two weeks to jog your memory while you’re on your computer about the event.

I say all this because this morning when I fired up the old desktop, waded through a pile of email, and caught up on all the snide remarks posted on Twitter, a message popped up reminding me in one week to “Check On Tyrece Radford.” That’s because one week from today could be an interesting time for the Virginia Tech basketball program.

The Hokies look good for this coming season, but the one nagging issue for them is who plays the wing. There are really only three players on the roster suitable for the wing – Hunter Cattoor, Naheim Alleyne and Darius Maddox – and they were all probably expecting to be backing up Tyrece Radford. But Tyrece entered the transfer portal a little more than a month ago, and as this story suggests, that may have been a just in case move pending some legal issues Radford has.

The court date to try to reach a resolution of those issues is one week from today, August 9. If that day in court goes one way, Radford may not be allowed to play for Virginia Tech this season (or any season for that matter) and being in the portal gives him options. If that day in court goes in a different direction, Radford could well return to the Hokies if the University has no objections and he wanted to play another season in Blacksburg.

My gut feeling is he doesn’t want to go anywhere else. If you follow all the comments and stories posted on social media and various Virginia Tech-centric sites, you’re not seeing mentions of his visiting other schools, talking about where he’d like to go, etc. like you see for most in the portal. He’s been quiet, possibly meaning he’s either an incredible poker player who holds his cards close to the vest, or he’s waiting for August 9 to see what decisions he has to make.

It would also appear he and Hokies Coach Mike Young are close. Young stood up for Radford publicly when the man nicknamed “Boots” was suspended from the team for these legal issues. I’m sure while publicly defending him, Young also privately counseled him on what he had to do to get through all this, and Radford’s silence and low profile is just the kind of thing Young would advise him to do. I would not overlook that bond in all this.

Then there’s the matter of the roster construction. Young is famous for saying he needs a big man, or a point guard who can score, and then very shortly thereafter he goes and gets not one, but two players to fill that need. There is a need at wing, and little has been done about increasing that number. I suppose part of it could be Young not being able to find what he wants (which I find highly unlikely) or Young thinks if all legal and University issues can be resolved, he will have a fourth wing by the name of Tyrece Radford.

I base this totally on conjecture with no direct link to either player, coach or friend of either. But the buzz among a few people I know in Blacksburg who fashion themselves as geezers who keep their ear to the ground is that it’s possible Radford returns to the team. Several pointed out to me after I posted this that Radford is listed on the team roster, and there have been pictures of him working out with other team members posted in the last two weeks.

Virginia Tech will be fine regardless, as Young has assembled an impressive lineup of talent for the Hokies this year. Without Radford, they’ll be a very good team.

But if Radford were to come back, it would be like dumping high octane fuel into a regular tank of gas. They could end up being more than just a very good team. They could be great.

So yeah, it’s August, everyone’s all geared up for football, and basketball season doesn’t really get going until November. But this year could be different.

The Hokies' first basketball win (or loss) may come on August 9.


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Friday, 17 September 2021
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