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Max Scherzer Gives Joe Girardi The Treatment He Deserves

Tuesday night was a fun sports night.

Besides the Orioles blowing another decent pitching performance from Jorge Lopez, there was a lot going on that caught my attention, and all of these topics relate in some way to Washington D.C. sports teams: 

Girardi Makes A Mockery of Baseball, Gets Mocked by Scherzer

At first, all I saw was Nationals star Max Scherzer mocking the hell out of Phillies manager Joe Girardi, which would amuse me in any situation as it is.

But once I found it was after Girardi had Scherzer checked three times for banned sticky substances on the pitching mound, it was even better.

Scherzer gave Girardi the treatment he deserved. If somebody accused me of cheating the game on three separate occasions, then I’d give them the death stare walking back to the mound as well. And for Girardi to take offense to it shows what kind of coward he is. If you’re going to wrongfully accuse someone three separate times of cheating, own it and sit down when you’re wrong.

Besides, is there any doubt that Scherzer would win that exchange?

Major League Baseball ought to sit Girardi themselves. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t face a suspension for abusing MLB’s new rule against sticky substances on the mound. He made a mockery of the game and in the process, showed everyone else what kind of clown he is. Shameful.

Good for Scherzer, and as it turns out Sergio Romo, for mocking these clowns.

Small Market Teams Can Get It Done

In the literal sense, Washington D.C. isn’t a small market. Nielsen ranks the D.C. media market seventh in the country ahead of cities like Boston, Houston and Atlanta.

With that said, DC teams rarely find themselves capable of holding large payrolls for long stretches of time. The Nationals have done it recently, but it wasn’t always so.

The only reason the Wizards have a larger payroll at the moment is because they’ve ponied up to keep Bradley Beal in town. Otherwise, the Wizards have a hard time attracting expensive talent.

So for Wizards fans, it had to have been cool to see the Phoenix Suns take a 2-0 lead in the NBA Western Conference Finals on Tuesday night. Not only did we see an alley-oop for the win, but we got to watch the superteam Los Angeles Clippers come closer to falling short yet again.

Maybe it’s just me, but I love seeing a homegrown team like the Suns knock off the high-profile, high-payroll clubs like the Clippers. Two of the Suns’ three best players, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton, are draft picks that the Suns have developed themselves. They acquired Chris Paul via trade, but only after Paul was considered to be on the downside of his career.

Phoenix isn’t a small market team, but they are relative to teams from New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. The Suns don’t have the prestige that the Lakers, Celtics or Bulls may have, but they’re living proof that good roster management, terrific coaching and a little luck can put you within two wins of the NBA Finals. I hope they win the whole damn thing.

Maybe Lottery Isn’t Rigged After All

As a Detroit Pistons fan, seeing the Suns play playoff basketball gives me hope for the future. So does winning the No. 1 draft pick in the NBA Draft Lottery.

Pistons fans have been burned by the lottery before, consistently either staying put in the draft order or losing positions to clubs with better records. Detroit was guaranteed a top-six pick in last night’s lottery, and I still thought the NBA would find a way to slot us in the 7-9 range for the sixth time since 2010.

Now, the Pistons can take Cade Cunningham and get along with our lives. He’s the consensus No. 1 overall talent in the draft and by all available accounts, is a hard worker and high-character individual. Sign. Me. Up.

With Troy Weaver calling the shots as general manager, the Pistons have laid out a specific direction for the franchise. Now that he gets to add a talent like Cunningham to the mix, it’s hard to not like Weaver’s chances of reviving Detroit Basketball.


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Sunday, 29 January 2023

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