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It's Going To End One Day; Might As Well Have A To-Do List

At the end of last week, there seemed to be more and more reports about some states getting ready to open (although Virginia did not seem to be one of them). I don’t know when this day will come, but when it does, I’ve got a plan. These are the five things I’m going to do once the shutdown is over:

  1. Go buy 10 pounds of salted in the shell peanuts, park myself in a chair, and turn on the television and watch a live sporting event. I mean a real event, not some guys playing H-O-R-S-E and talking about themselves. Preferably involving the Washington Nationals, with multiple trash-talking conversations via text running concurrently with old friends.

  2. Go to a restaurant and order everything on the menu that does not duplicate anything I made at home over the last 6 weeks. This means no pizza, tacos, pasta, chicken, etc. because I’ve had my fill of it. I don’t care if it’s a fusion of Ethiopian cuisine mixed with Nordic whale blubber, if it’s different from what I’ve been eating at home and they bring it to you with fresh bread and a boatload of butter, I’m in.

  3. Go get a haircut. My head looks like an unkempt poodle. I look in the mirror and wonder why former New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan's twin brother Rob is looking back at me. I have seriously not had a haircut in the calendar year 2020 and it’s bothersome. I know I'm not alone, as I can foresee a problem when the shutdown ends: You will be presented with the choice of either waiting in line at a place that takes walk-ins (and I would guess the line is going to wrap around the building), or attempting to call and make an appointment. The lead times on those appointments will probably be similar to the ones quoted on Amazon when you try to buy toilet paper, so we could be seeing the 4th of July before scissors and trimmers intersect with my head.

  4. Go play golf. I guess technically I could right now, but I’ve been honoring the stay in place order pretty seriously. I tend to play with the same old friend all the time, and we have a certain routine that involves catching up, complaining about our spouses, telling stories from back in the old days and making fun of the way each of us plays golf. It’s highly therapeutic. After all these months under house arrest, I’m guessing there will be a rich trove of subjects to explore when we get to the part of the day that includes the airing of the grievances.

  5. Go for a long walk with my dog. I know this sounds kind of silly, but because everyone is “working from home” our bike paths are packed with people, and almost every one of them either has children or a dog (or both) with them. Maggie is just a puppy so she is curious about little people and other animals. Before the shutdown, we could go out for a 3-mile walk on the bike paths at around 10 AM and encounter maybe one or two other people walking dogs on our trip. Stopping and talking with 2 people while our dogs sniff each other is one thing. Stopping and dealing with 50 other people is a whole different deal. So we’ve stayed in our fenced-in backyard during the shutdown, and we can wave and say hello from the patio without coming close to another person. On the bike path right now, you wouldn’t be able to do that.


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Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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