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Our staff consists of one old man and a dog named Maggie The WonderBeagle. Want to know more? Click on the icon below:

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Like The Lottery, Here's Something Else You Won't Win

It’s a Monday. The day after Selection Sunday. Also, the day after Daylight Savings Time.

Two things need to happen. One is for me to notice and appreciate that the digital time display on the garage door opener that I can never figure out actually has the correct time after six months of being wrong.

The other is to fill out a bracket for the office pool.

The problem is, I have no office. The closest thing I have is Doug Doughty, who has graciously been contributing great content here the last month, and Maggie the WonderBeagle. Give a bracket to Maggie, and either she likes the Clemson Tigers to win every game, or she just sticks her paw pad on any bracket without any hint of who she likes.

But it’s tradition. So I stole someone else’s bracket and replaced their logos with ours. I sent one to Doug and told him the office prize is a whopping $5. But let’s be serious, the prize here is the ability to be able to needle the other and text things like “nice pick” at 11:53 pm after one prediction on the bracket goes horribly bad.

If you would like to join our little office pool, you can download the bracket here. I’m not going to measure the Tuesday games, so you have until Friday morning to get them in. If you’re looking to win money, I recommend you go to the zillion other sites that offer such things.

But if you are the kind of person who says things like “nice swing” right after a member of your foursome hooks a ball off the tee into the woods, you could be our kind of temporary co-worker. And since Doug and I worked in the same office when our boss, Bill Brill, had a contest where you could win an “I Beat Brill” shirt, there may end up being 3 prizes:

One would be overall champion, where you’d win notoriety and fame among the pages of DullesDistrict.Com as being smarter than everyone else. Another would be if you finished ahead of Doughty and earned the designation of “I Beat Doug.” And finally, the third would be similar, with an “I Beat Dave” designation.

I would say something like the winner gets a free subscription, but they’re free any way. And if you haven’t subscribed, allow me to insert a shameless plug and tell you that you can register for one by clicking here.

It’s all for fun. And besides, what else do you have to do the next few weeks? 😊



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Tuesday, 18 May 2021
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Doug Doughty

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Ricky LaBlue

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