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Nationals Mailbag No. 2: MASN and Some Other Minutiae...

Since we’ve hit another point where there isn’t much “news” as I would define it for the Nationals, we’ve opened up the mailbag again.

While ownership-related questions have continued to pop up, we’re pleased to see that there is still interest in Washington’s on-field product. It’s a reminder that even in a season when the team has little hope for anything other than the No. 1 overall draft pick, there are plenty of story lines and reasons to keep tuning in.

Let’s dive into it!

Give us a primer on the MASN deal and the likely paths forward (or lack thereof) – Justin R. (@young_jred on Twitter): We’ll start with this question, since it’s the one that’s been the most on my mind. In fact, I’ve circled around it in some of my recent writing.

Keep in mind that Peter Angelos and the Orioles own the MASN television contract. A new owner would likely ramp up MASN negotiations, but a new owner does not automatically make the contract void.

Enter Ted Leonsis into this discussion.

As we’ve discussed, he and Monumental Sports & Entertainment are acquiring NBC Sports Washington. That’s the network that currently broadcasts (among other programming) Wizards and Capitals games, both of which are franchises that Leonsis owns.

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Washington Nationals Mailbag No. 1: Say it Ain’t Soto!

I’ve decided to let our loyal audience call the shots, and you all didn’t disappoint! Unsurprisingly, everyone wants to hear about Juan Soto from the perspective of a non-credentialed reporter or national talking head.

I want to lay out some context here, because I want everyone to realize that I’m just like you. I’ve followed this team since it returned to DC. I was there for the highs of Alfonso Soriano in 2006, for example, but man, those weren’t pretty seasons!

The team got much better, beginning in 2012. But looking back, it’s almost all forgettable for me. Maybe it’s a product of being a prisoner of the moment, but much of what’s happened during the last three seasons feels all too familiar.

We’ve seen the Washington Nationals let star after star slip away. We’ve heard the – in hindsight – empty promises that the next guy would be handled differently.

I used to believe them. Heck, I got a Juan Soto shirsey in 2019, and my parents bought me a Soto jersey for my birthday in April. The Nationals told us Soto, much like stars past, would be different. They had me hook, line and sinker.

Guess what? For better or worse, this time is different! Rather than waiting until his contract is almost up, the Nationals are actively negotiating with Soto. It’s convoluted by numerous factors, though, from a transfer in team ownership to an on-field product that’s regressed further and quicker than anyone could’ve expected, with a splash of a greedy agent holding the organization hostage.

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