About DullesDistrict.Com...

My name is Dave Scarangella, I live in Ashburn, and this site has existed in one form or another going back to 2006. I started it based on the notion that if you fill up a site with good writing, everything else will take care of itself no matter what the topic is you choose to write about. In addition to having a passion for writing, I've also always been intrigued by computers and technology, so while some may enjoy working on cars, their lawns, or some other hobby, my wife will tell you I can waste hours on any given day just trying to tackle the question "I wonder if that's possible" when it comes to websites.

I spent 10 years of my life as a sportswriter, and the next 30 in the world of sales and marketing (I also own a company called DDA Marketing). I believe writers should write as much as they can to stay sharp, but often don’t have a place to display their ideas. That’s really the purpose of the site, as I write about sports, food, life, my family, and anything that interests me. Sometimes what I say interests others and we get a lot of traffic. But getting a lot of hits, traffic, ads or subscribers has never been the goal. It’s been about having fun, offering a perspective, and maybe doing something that leads to a good conversation with someone else.

We've been blessed recently with a number of other contributors who share a similar love for writing, including Ricky LaBlue, a multimedia specialist who cares far too much about the Baltimore Orioles, and Stephen Newman, who is not only an excellent writer, he's forced me to learn advanced statistics and Sabermetrics in baseball. The blend of youth and experience has made for a lively site, and hopefully produces stories you may enjoy. We certainly enjoy readers participating, so you can comment on anything as a guest without registering, but if you would like to register and be a subscriber so that new content is sent to you via email, that's all free. 

So if any of this sounds interesting, please join us….