About Us

Hi, my name is Dave. I’m a writer-holic.

I say that because ever since I was a teenager, I’ve felt the need to say something, usually in writing. It’s been a need to create, a need to express an opinion. Halfway through college at Virginia Tech, I started writing for newspapers, and for a decade after I graduated, that’s what I did for a living.

But then someone told me I had the kind of personality that would be good in sales. Looking at the meager earnings journalism was paying, I decided to go back to school and get an MBA, then spent 30 years as a sales executive, which has now allowed me to retire in relative comfort.

The writing bug never stopped. As I’ve told many a young person, writers write. Every day. So in 2006, I started this site and it’s been through several versions so I had a place to write. At first, like everyone, I had dreams of getting lots of traffic, having lots of people write for the site, loading up the site with all these awesome features and getting paid buckets of money for something I love.

I did all that except for the buckets of money ?

Earlier this year, however, a major technology issue with the site’s operating system forced me to face facts. The fight was not in the dog to take on a massive rewrite, and at my age, it seemed it was time to say goodbye and turn everything off for good. Except I kept hearing my own voice in my head, repeating the tired line I’ve stated to many others: Writers write.

If nothing else in life, I am a writer and a cook. Probably a championship dog lover too as my spoiled WonderBeagle Maggie will attest. And now that I’m retired and have all the time in the world, I have found I am blessed with everything I could possibly want, with one exception.

I need to write.

So I’ve slowly rewritten the site you now see and we will try this again. Unlike before, we won’t try to cover everything, or worry about statistics, or have a bunch of people contribute. It will just be me, returning the site to what it was suppose to be at the start: a personal blog with the rantings of an old man giving his takes on sports, news, and life.

Jim Valvano, in one of his final appearances, gave a famous speech where he said if you have a day where you have been moved to laugh, to think, and to cry, that’s a good day.

That’s my goal: to write something that causes you to have that kind of good day.

If that appeals to you, come join us…