It Looks Like We’ve Come To The End Of The Road


It’s time to say goodbye.

I’ve been running this site in some form since 2006, and it has been an incredible amount of fun. It started out keeping an eye on local high school sports (thus the site being named after the league they all played in) and made a transition into providing commentary on Virginia Tech sports, the Nationals, the Washington whatever their name was that season and regional sports in general.

It also started as me just being a one-man band, but eventually ended up being a path for several writers, both young and old, to have a place to be while they were in career transition. Those times were probably the most fun for me, because I got to be not only be a writer, but also an editor. And in many cases, a good friend.

But technology has finally pulled the plug on this hobby. We’ve never run ads and I’ve just paid all the fees for the site, much as I pay greens fees to play golf. A few years ago, I completely rewrote the site using a specific template that provides most of the functionality. I really liked it, so much that I paid extra for a lifetime of updates and technical help because it was perfect for what I wanted.

A lifetime in the software world, however, turned out to only be 3 years. The company went bankrupt, and at the same time the Joomla operating system introduced a new version. The template was in the old version (Joomla 3) and wouldn’t work with the new one (Joomla 4). I knew at the time I had a year to figure out a solution before the old version was no longer supported and hoped to find one soon.

Unfortunately, that year of time ends August 16.

I’d like to tell you I’m going to soon figure it out. But I started the site in my 40s. I’m now in my late 60s. It’s been a good run.

So to all, I thank you for following along with us through the years. To the writers who contributed, you will always be family to me. I’ve said thousands of times to young writers that “writers write” so in the future I’m sure I’ll be expressing an opinion somewhere.

But as of August 16, it won’t be here. And I’ll miss that.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.   


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