Top Five Things I Noticed In Virginia Tech’s 75-41 Thrashing Of UVA…


Here are five things that stood out to me from last night’s Virginia-Virginia Tech men’s basketball game at the Cassell:

  • I woke up hearing Mike Young’s voice during a halftime interview saying “we played defense and rebounded” as to why his team was up 20. Seems like he was identifying why the team has been so inconsistent and sending a message to everyone as to what kind of team they need to be.
  • Normally the backcourt provides the top scorers, but Hunter Cattoor, Sean Pedulla, et al. were all in single digits. Top 4 scorers in double figures were all post players in Lynn Kidd, Ty Nickel, Robbie Beran, and Mylykael Poteat.
  • Because the big men were so active, the ball moved around the offense much better than a lot of previous games. Some times the offense goes stagnant and Pedulla ends up running a play I call “Sean vs. The World.” It didn’t happen last night, much for the better of the Hokies.
  • I never expected to see Virginia Tech poleaxe Virginia like they did, and it’s even more of a surprise when you look at the shooting stats. The Hokies live and die by the 3, they were only 8 of 23 from that range and they STILL won by 34. Kidd, Beran and Poteat was a combined 15-16 from the floor. That was the difference in the game.
  • The question of the day now is which was the real Virginia or Virginia Tech? Virginia’s much better than they showed last night. Virginia Tech was awesome but can they elevate their play like that for several games in a row?


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